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Country Trax Comments

Country Trax Comments


I say all was great I cannot fault anything. I still have a smile on my face three day later, the course exceeded my expectations and has made me a better rider , ready to explore. Thank to all in the team. At 57 life is starting !!! David Scates, Weekend Off-road course @ Country Trax Amersfoort June 2013

aBsOlUtElY fAnTaStic!

We need to thank you  for a most memorable weekend which not only consisted of ‘boys’ playing on their bikes in the dirt but a whole lot of hard deserved sweat, guys plotting out their piece of land, new skills like you can’t believe and all the wonderful motivation amongst the spectacular group of men which made us all think about life as we know it and life as we want to know it.

The instructors knew what they were talking about and lived up to the expectation with each demonstration.  The whole training program put together by Marchant and Derick was very well planned and not one moment went to waste.  Value for money…..absolutely!

Mountain Pastures is not only a ‘manne-man’ setting but a venue which caters for the whole family.  It’s a beautiful Game Lodge with ‘Forever-views’ and will most definitely be visited by our family in the near future.

This was the first course of its kind to be attended by my husband and met with all his expectation and more.  We would definitely like to be informed of any trips planned by your ‘A-Team’.
Country Trax Eden Weekend Off-road course @ Mountain Pastures Game Reserve, Uniondale. 16-18 Nov 2012.  Marilize & Melt Loubser (George)


The weekend was awesome, but real tiring, I think we all thought we would be having plenty beer in the evenings, but after first day that was off the agenda.
My riding and confidence off-road has increased hugely. Would have taken years on my own to get even close to what I was taught at the weekend.
The instruction is excellent, given in a clear and calm manner, which helps overcome  the fears that we had for some of the exercises.
The venue was perfect, and the food fantastic, don’t think I have eaten so much in a long time.  The fact it was just our group was good and help build friendships.
Booking and payment was simple.
I would certainly be interested in more 1 or 3 day courses and plan on re-doing this course to keep thing sharp.
Bike dealers should have your leaflets and posters up, I wish I had this course when I bought the bike.
 Brian Davidson (Glentana)  @ Country Trax Weekend Off-road course at Mountain Pastures Game Reserve, Uniondale 16-18.11.2012


 Ek is so half-lewendig terug van die kursus met pyne waar ek nie geweet het ek het spiere en senings nie!  Dit was 'n wonderlike ervaring en ek het ongelooflik baie geleer.  Kon nie al die goed regkry nie, maar weet darem nou ten minste wat die regte manier is en kan die goed oefen….. en oefen en oefen tot dit tweede natuur word.

My rystyl het sommer met die terugry heeltemal verander en ek het gevind dat van die lesse sommer heeltyd op pad terug toegepas is in so 'n mate dat dit my hele benadering tot teerpadry ook verander het.  Ek het nou baie meer selfvertroue in myself en die bike en die regte kennis van wat om te doen en nie te doen nie is van onskatbare waarde.

Marchant en Derick is twee van die ongelooflikste mense wat geduld en verdraagsaamheid betref wat ek nog ontmoet het.  'n Mens kry eintlik skaam dat jy  as persoon hulle soms so terleurstel met jou skamele vermoëns.  

Baie dankie vir jou voorstel dat ons die kursus doen, jy het bes moontlik een lewe gered.  
Die groep mense was wonderlik en ek voel ons het mense ontmoet met wie ons in die toekoms verder dele van ons lewens sal deel.  Ek het net een klagte en dit is dat die kos te veel is.  Dit help nie om te probeer min eet nie want die lekker kry die oorhand.   
Jammer vir die lang mail maar dit was regtig 'n "lifestyle changing experience" vir my en sal een van die dinge op my "100 best experiences of my life" lys wees.

Nogmaals baie dankie,   Charel Bruwer (Hermanus) , Country Trax Weekend Off-road course @ Mountain Pastures Game Reserve, Uniondale 16-18.11.2012


"Thanks to the patience of the instructors and the great venue, I completed the course relishing the challenge and unable to get enough – and looking at the faces around me, I was not the only one. All the exercises started on the edge of a dam where the sand is wet and hard packed so that it was easy to ride: a great way to get your ‘feet wet’, so to speak. Progressively we moved to thicker sand, so that by the afternoon we had moved to the beach, which had really thick sand. But I had hardly noticed – the cameraderie of the group and the motivation and support from the instructors helped me overcome the fear I had built up for this type of riding. To sum up, my skills and confidence improved dramatically as a result of this course and with it my enjoyment of my bike and of riding it in sand!” MAY 2010

"Many many thanks for an awesome weekend. I have not stopped telling everyone about it. The way the course is set up is perfect, not once were we pushed into doing something we didn't want to do. As I mentioned no-one was frowned upon laughed at we all felt comfortable, I am over the moon now that I have overcome that fear of the bike is to big and heavy. All I want to do is upgrade and start enjoying another side of life.
To the lodge - fantastic knowing everything is safe, awesome food, friendly staff. The venue is perfect!! To the instructors, job well done!!I will def be back with a heap of riders from our end of the world!! The course material and knowledge passed onto us words cannot explain." MAY 2010

"The best prepared course that I have been on so far that taught me skills in off road riding that increased my confidence and safety as a ride 100 time! The accommodation and food is of extremely high quality and is nothing better after a long day of training to relax in the great atmosphere. If only the marketing material had described what a great experience it would be I would have gone earlier. Must say I was at first scared of doing the course as I thought it is only for experienced riders and soon realized that it is done in such a structured manner and gradually providing you with the required skill and knowledge to ensure you are safe at all times. As you get to towards the end of the course you realize why you had to first master certain skills to move to the next level. Once again a well balanced course and will be doing it again!" JUNE 2010

"For someone like me who has never really done the adventure bike thing, I am now so amped to do some adventure riding and get out there. The course was absolutely fantastic, I have learnt more this last week end about riding than in the past 5-6 years that I have been riding, I think it is invaluable knowledge and something that you can use in every day riding as well as off-road/adventure riding". JUNE 2010

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